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Descriptions(Class)Ordinary Shares

Details of changes

NoDate of changeNo of securitiesType of transactionNature of Interest
119/03/20211,200,000AcquiredIndirect Interest
Name of registered holderTYY RESOURCES SDN. BHD.
Description of “Others” Type of Transaction
Consideration (if any)0.52
Circumstances by reason of which change has occurredAcquisition of shares via Direct Business Transaction.
Nature of interestIndirect Interest
Total no of securities after change
Direct (units)
Direct (%)
Indirect/deemed interest (units)140,692,616
Indirect/deemed interest (%)31.239
Date of notice23/03/2021
Date notice received by Listed Issuer23/03/2021
Remarks :
The indirect interest is registered in the name of TYY Resources Sdn. Bhd. Deemed interest pursuant to Section 8(4) of the Companies Act 2016 by virtue of his interest in TYY Resources Sdn. Bhd. The percentage of indirect interest is based on the total amount of issued shares excluding 2,360,600 shares bought back by the Company and retained as treasury shares. This announcement is also made to comply with Paragraph 14.09 of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.
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