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Particulars of substantial Securities Holder

Address Unit B-05-03, 5th Floor, Block B (West Wing)
PJ8 Office Suite
No. 23 Jalan Barat, Seksyen 8
Petaling Jaya
46050 Selangor
Company No. 6479-X
Nationality/Country of incorporation Malaysia
Descriptions (Class) Ordinary Shares

Details of changes

No Date of change
No of securities
Type of Transaction Nature of Interest
1 28 Sep 2017
Others Direct Interest
Name of registered holder TYY Resources Sdn Bhd
Address of registered holder Unit B-05-3, 5th Floor, Block B (West Wing), PJ8 Office Suite, No. 23 Jalan Barat, Seksyen 8 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Description of “Others” Type of Transaction Bonus Issue


Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred Bonus Issue on the basis of 1 bonus share for every 5 existing ordinary shares held.
Nature of interest Direct Interest
Direct (units) 96,169,462
Direct (%) 31.049
Indirect/deemed interest (units)
Indirect/deemed interest (%)
Total no of securities after change 96,169,462
Date of notice 29 Sep 2017
Date notice received by Listed Issuer 29 Sep 2017


Remarks :
The percentage of direct interest is based on the enlarged total number of issued shares of 309,737,043 after bonus issue less 893,800 shares held as treasury shares.
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